About Us

Welcome to the DMD Motion Lab!

The Motion Lab is a research initiative with the Digital Media Design major at Florida Gulf Coast University. We aim to provide open resources in motion studies and animation for use in the classroom, for the motion picture and game industries, and for research in related fields such as biomechanics, medicine, behavior and intelligence.


Joseph Adams DMD Major 2020 Student Research Fellow
Angela Humphrey DMD Major 2020 Student Research Fellow
Rama Karl Hoetzlein, Ph.D
Director; Interaction Research Lab
Assistant Professor of Digital Media Design
Bower School of Music & The Arts
Florida Gulf Coast University


The DMD Motion Lab utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to conduct novel research in motion studies.
Our equipment includes:

  • Noitom Perception Neuron Pro
  • Noitom Perception Neuron Studio Gloves
  • HTC Vive Cosmos VR
  • HTC Vive Trackers, 8x for body sensing
  • Lenovo T530 Workstation
  • Autodesk Maya

    Students have access to the new Interaction Research Lab (Library 457) at Florida Gulf Coast University, a new space which contains Motion capture equipment, high end PC workstations, HTC Vive Cosmos headsets for VR, wall projectors and floor space for motion studies.


    We teach several classes on animation at Florida Gulf Coast University:

  • Fall 2020, Special Topics: 3D Animation. Covering topics in 3D sculpting, painting, lighting and capture-based animation.
  • Fall 2021, Special Topics: 3D Animation. Focused specifically on keyframe and capture-based animation.
  • Spring 2020, Digital Media Design I. Introduction to digital media, with topics in 2D Animation. See student videos here.
  • Spring 2020, Digital Media Design II. Advanced methods in digital media, with topics in Video Editing.

    This work is funded in part by the 2020 Seidler Summer Research Fellowship and by a New Faculty Research grant at Florida Gulf Coast University.