CMU Motion Data

This list contains the CMU Motion Data maintained by the DMD Motion Library.
These motions have been curated and rescaled to work with the Rigs here.

CMU Motion Target Rig:

CMU Complete Motion List:
CMU Motion List (Full)

Walking & Running

Source ID Motion File Description Details
CMU 05_01 05_01m.fbx Walking Normal
CMU 07_01 07_01m.fbx Walking Normal
CMU 07_04 07_04m.fbx Slow Walk Normal
CMU 07_12 07_12m.fbx Brisk Walk Normal
CMU 09_01 09_01m.fbx Run Normal
CMU 16_08 16_08m.fbx Run/Jog, Stop Normal
CMU 16_17 16_17m.fbx Walk, 90-deg Left Turn Normal
CMU 16_19 16_19m.fbx Walk, 90-deg Right Turn Normal
CMU 16_21 16_21m.fbx Walk Normal
CMU 16_34 16_34m.fbx Slow Walk, Stop Normal
CMU 17_03 17_03m.fbx Walk Stealthily
CMU 35_25 35_25m.fbx Run/Jog Normal

Climbing & Jumping

Source ID Motion File Description Details
CMU 13_33 13_33m.fbx Climb Ladder Normal
CMU 13_34 13_34m.fbx Climb Ladder #2 Normal
CMU 13_40 13_40m.fbx Jump Normal
CMU 13_42 13_42m.fbx Jump #2 Normal
CMU 16_06 16_06m.fbx Forward Jump Normal
CMU 15_02 15_02m.fbx Climb, Step over, Sit, Stand Normal
CMU 40_07 40_07m.fbx Climb, Step over, Jump Over Stool Normal
CMU 49_04 49_04m.fbx Run, Leap Normal
CMU 49_05 49_05m.fbx Run, Leap #2 Normal

Reaching, Lifting, Pulling

Source ID Motion File Description Details
CMU 15_06 15_06m.fbx Lean Forward, Reach Normal
CMU 26_10 26_10m.fbx Bend, Lift Normal
CMU 81_05 81_05m.fbx Push Heavy Object Normal
CMU 81_07 81_07m.fbx Pull Heavy Object Normal

Funny, Quirky

cmu 103-06 zcmu103-06_lindy_hop bvh fbx lindy hop
cmu 103-07 zcmu103-07_casual_walk bvh fbx casual walk
cmu 103-08 zcmu103-08_fancy_charleston bvh fbx fancy charleston
cmu 120-03 zcmu120-03_mickey_cast_spell bvh fbx mickey cast spell
cmu 120-04 zcmu120-04_mickey_conduct bvh fbx mickey conduct
cmu 120-15 zcmu120-15_mickey_surprised1 bvh fbx mickey surprised1
cmu 120-16 zcmu120-16_mickey_surprised2 bvh fbx mickey surprised2
cmu 54-10 zcmu54-10_ghost bvh fbx ghost
cmu 54-12 zcmu54-12_dragon1 bvh fbx dragon1
cmu 54-13 zcmu54-13_dragon2 bvh fbx dragon2
cmu 54-14 zcmu54-14_monkey bvh fbx monkey
cmu 55-01 zcmu55-01_dance_whirl bvh fbx dance whirl
cmu 55-12 zcmu55-12_dancing_bear bvh fbx dancing bear
cmu 55-24 zcmu55-24_various_animals bvh fbx various animals
cmu 90-16 zcmu90-16_fall_on_face bvh fbx fall on face
cmu 90-17 zcmu90-17_banana_slip bvh fbx banana slip
cmu 90-18 zcmu90-18_rug_pull bvh fbx rug pull