Motion Library

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We have founded a new Motion Lab and Library here at Florida Gulf Coast University. Built as an open library for the community we collect and welcome contributions. We also host and curate motions to make them easier to use in the classroom and for film production and games. Our goal is to build the largest collection of online, open and free motions for education and research. Our library of motions has been categorized here by the source of the data:


  • DMD – Digital Media Design motions, Noitom Perception Neuron hardware
  • CMU – Carnegie-Mellon University motions, Vicon hardware
  • * Motion naming conventions. Click here for details

    Our Resources page provides a collection of links, tutorials and models to make this data useful in practice, especially in the classroom.
    Techniques for motion capture have evolved rapidly. In addition to classical Camera-based Tracking, new methods now including Inertial Motion Capture (cameraless tracking), the use of Structure from Motion (e.g. Microsoft Kinect), and VR-based Tracking.


    Our work is inspired by the CMU Motion Library project initiated by Jessica Hodgins in 2003. The work of the DMD Motion Lab, founded by Dr. Rama Hoetzlein, expands on this idea by curating from multiple sources, by working with modern motion capture technology, and by focusing on accessibility for undergraduate education. We explore the possibility of students developing convincing narrative animations in the classroom where a student or school may not have access to motion capture equipment. We also collect data for research use in fields of study including sports, medicine, behavior and cognition.


    Contributions of motion data to the DMD Motion Library are welcome with the following criteria:
    We accept collections of at least 10 motions or more (no single submissions), in a standard open format such as .BVH. All contributions will retain the copyright of the original author and must be released with an open CC0 or public domain license. While the Library will acknowledge data authors here, this ensures that no attribution is required by students or end users. Collections which are guided by a particular theme will be considered more strongly. Motions should be clean and ready for use.

    To contribute to the Library, or for other types of contributions, contact Dr. Rama Hoetzlein at: rhoetzlein@fgcu.edu


    When used in a student production, attribution or permissions to use the motion data or characters is not required. You are free to use them. We ensure that all data here is provided under a CC0 or public license.

    When used for academic research or commercial purposes attribution to the DMD Motion Lab is appreciated as follows:
    2020, Hoetzlein, R. “An Open Library for Animation and Motion Studies in Undergraduate Digital Media Education”. DMD Motion Lab, Bower School of Music and The Arts, Florida Gulf Coast University