Noitom Motion Data

This list contains the DMD Noitom Motion Data maintained by the DMD Motion Library.
These motions have been curated and rescaled to work with the Rigs here.

Noitom Motion Target:

dmd = Digital Media Design, Florida Gulf Coast University
n = Noitom Motion Studio capture

Source Tags Filename .bvh .fbx Description Details
dmd n zdmdn_adjust_mask bvh fbx adjust mask
dmd n zdmdn_adjust_phone bvh fbx adjust phone
dmd n zdmdn_adjust_shoes bvh fbx adjust shoes
dmd n zdmdn_adjust_socks bvh fbx adjust socks
dmd n zdmdn_arm_bends bvh fbx arm bends
dmd n zdmdn_arm_shrug bvh fbx arm shrug
dmd n zdmdn_back_bend bvh fbx back bend
dmd n zdmdn_balance_foot bvh fbx balance foot
dmd n zdmdn_bend_arabesque bvh fbx bend arabesque
dmd n zdmdn_bow bvh fbx bow
dmd n zdmdn_cartwheel bvh fbx cartwheel
dmd n zdmdn_casual_waiting bvh fbx casual waiting
dmd n zdmdn_casual_warmup bvh fbx casual warmup
dmd n zdmdn_casual_warmup2 bvh fbx casual warmup2
dmd n zdmdn_elbow_hits bvh fbx elbow hits
dmd n zdmdn_fix_skirt bvh fbx fix skirt
dmd n zdmdn_front_leap bvh fbx front leap
dmd n zdmdn_front_low_kicks bvh fbx front low kicks
dmd n zdmdn_front_punches bvh fbx front punches
dmd n zdmdn_hands_and_twirls bvh fbx hands and twirls
dmd n zdmdn_heel_click bvh fbx heel click
dmd n zdmdn_hip_lift_stand bvh fbx hip lift stand
dmd n zdmdn_hip_waggle bvh fbx hip waggle
dmd n zdmdn_knee_break bvh fbx knee break
dmd n zdmdn_knee_hits bvh fbx knee hits
dmd n zdmdn_laugh_turn bvh fbx laugh turn
dmd n zdmdn_leap_arabesque bvh fbx leap arabesque
dmd n zdmdn_leap_arabesque2 bvh fbx leap arabesque2
dmd n zdmdn_leg_lifts bvh fbx leg lifts
dmd n zdmdn_leg_lift_twirl bvh fbx leg lift twirl
dmd n zdmdn_leg_round bvh fbx leg round
dmd n zdmdn_leg_swing bvh fbx leg swing
dmd n zdmdn_lift_box bvh fbx lift box
dmd n zdmdn_look_at_watch bvh fbx look at watch
dmd n zdmdn_pensive_fingers bvh fbx pensive fingers
dmd n zdmdn_pensive_stand bvh fbx pensive stand
dmd n zdmdn_pick_from_floor bvh fbx pick from floor
dmd n zdmdn_pick_left_knee bvh fbx pick left knee
dmd n zdmdn_pick_right_knee bvh fbx pick right knee
dmd n zdmdn_play_violin bvh fbx play violin
dmd n zdmdn_play_violin2 bvh fbx play violin2
dmd n zdmdn_play_violin_sitting bvh fbx play violin sitting
dmd n zdmdn_plie bvh fbx plie
dmd n zdmdn_plie_arabesque bvh fbx plie arabesque
dmd n zdmdn_punches bvh fbx punches
dmd n zdmdn_put_away_object bvh fbx put away object
dmd n zdmdn_right_kicks bvh fbx right kicks
dmd n zdmdn_right_leg_lift bvh fbx right leg lift
dmd n zdmdn_roll_recover bvh fbx roll recover
dmd n zdmdn_roll_to_stand bvh fbx roll to stand
dmd n zdmdn_roll_to_stand2 bvh fbx roll to stand2
dmd n zdmdn_side_dance bvh fbx side dance
dmd n zdmdn_side_kick bvh fbx side kick
dmd n zdmdn_side_kick2 bvh fbx side kick2
dmd n zdmdn_side_kick3 bvh fbx side kick3
dmd n zdmdn_sit_adjust bvh fbx sit adjust
dmd n zdmdn_sit_leg_lift bvh fbx sit leg lift
dmd n zdmdn_sit_on_floor bvh fbx sit on floor
dmd n zdmdn_squat_leglift_twirl bvh fbx squat leglift twirl
dmd n zdmdn_stand_up bvh fbx stand up
dmd n zdmdn_toe_point bvh fbx toe point
dmd n zdmdn_twirl bvh fbx twirl
dmd n zdmdn_twirl2 bvh fbx twirl2
dmd n zdmdn_twirl_back_bend bvh fbx twirl back bend
dmd n zdmdn_twirl_cross_plie bvh fbx twirl cross plie
dmd n zdmdn_twirl_lunge bvh fbx twirl lunge
dmd n zdmdn_twirl_plie bvh fbx twirl plie
dmd n zdmdn_twirl_swing bvh fbx twirl swing
dmd n zdmdn_use_phone bvh fbx use phone
dmd n zdmdn_walk_look_watch bvh fbx walk look watch
dmd n zdmdn_walk_reach_bag bvh fbx walk reach bag
dmd n zdmdn_walk_set_down bvh fbx walk set down